Freak.House is a special  corner of Miami Hat Shop for our band of misfit friends.

If you dress for the dark side or if you just like to walk a different path... If you feel a little out of synch with the mainstream... We might have something for you. 

You can play dress up to the extreme, enjoy cosplay or steampunk, or plan for a costume event with us.

We've got you covered with hats and accessories for that too! 

Whether it's for a costume ball, a photo shoot, or some adult tricks and treats, you'll love our look. 

Miami Hat Shop will add the perfect finish touch to your freaky night out. If this sounds like it might be your cup of brew, you may want to check out our "special" Facebook page:  @MyFreakHouse

Don't see what you need?  Let us know.  I bet we can find something that will work perfectly!