Henschel 5552 Camper 10 Point Hat Aussie style Booney Hat, Boonies, Boating, Sailing, Fishing, Fisherman, Camping, Safari, Expedition

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From Henschel Hats, makers of the most sought-after hats for the outdoor enthusiast. A leader in innovation, fashion, and function.

The 10 Point Hat Booney hat is the perfect hat for braving the outdoor elements from Sun to Rain, to Sea Spray.

* UPF 50+ Sun protection
* Polyester, Packable, crushable, lightweight
* Floatable, waterproof, just shake it off when wet
* Water Repellant
* Moisture wicking sweatband
* Secret pocket inside the hat
* Chincord
* Green underbrim to help defect sunny glare
* 3d Dimensional brim

Washable and wettable. If it falls overboard it floats. Just shake it off and air-dry.

These floppy hats do not really have any structure. They flop around every which way. By Design! They are made with a smushed-up, weatherbeaten, pre-worn look that gives them instant charcter. Think of it like buying pre-washed jeans.

These fine hats are made to be packed. In order to keep costs as low as possible we ship these hats in a large envelope. We promise your hat will arrive in the same condition as we got it from the factory.