Henschel Leather Walker Hat Made in USA (sometimes with imported material) Coyote Peterson Raging Bull Cowhide 1101

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The Henschel Coyote Walker is a purebred, American-Made classic. Made by hand, the old-fashioned way in Missouri, this hat will never go out of style. 

If you are an adventurer like Coyote Peterson then you need gear than can keep up with you. That's why Henschel designed this hat. As tough as nails, this hat will go anywhere you can go and get back in one piece.

Listen to what Coyote Peterson has to say about this fine hat:

USA Made (sometimes with imported material) by hand from top quality Raging Bull Cowhide Leather, this hat will provide a lifetime of service. It will only get better with use as the leather ages and takes on even more character.

This heavy hat will protect your head in a storm and stay put in anything less than a gale. Good for winter or summer, this is a year-round option.

The Walker has a braided tie-back hat band and a 3" shapeable brim that lets you easily adjust the profile to your own taste.

You can't go wrong with this hat.

About Henschel Hats:

From a small kitchen operation to a world-renowned headwear manufacturer, Joe Henschel set the bar across the industry. In 1945, with a few machines and original designs, Joe began selling headwear throughout Missouri. Joe’s unmatched quality and charismatic personality spread like wild fire with demand exceeding his kitchen’s capabilities.

In 1947, Henschel Hat Company was founded, expanding to a 7 story headquarters, fully operational manufacturing facility, and 115 employees. 3 generations (70+ years) later the Henschel legacy remains intact with over 4,000 clients worldwide. Through innovation, consistency, and, most importantly, our customers, Henschel remains a leader in the industry.


Made In USA (sometimes with imported material)

For over 70 years, Henschel has stayed true to their roots producing the majority of their headwear in the United States of America. Henschel takes pride in creating a quality product while supporting the US economy and looks forward to continuing the tradition.